2013 (thoughts and stats)

On a scale of 1-10 I think I’d give 2013 an 8.3. So, a pretty awesome year by all accounts. Here are some random thoughts/stats about the year.

This was my first official year as a vegan, which felt pretty damn good. I’ve been a vegetarian (or, more accurately, a pescatarian) since early 2001. Heidi has been a vegan for quite a few years (6?) so I’ve basically been a vegan, too, since we’ve only really bought vegan groceries ever since she turned. But, I hadn’t made the official leap to full-on vegan until 01/01/2013. I had a few transgressions over the year, but was able to keep a lid on any serious infractions. It’s still a struggle at times (think: donuts), but I feel like it’s the right way to live and eat so I’m going to stick with it.

Heidi and I were able to survive 10 months of fairly intense training, which helped us complete the St George 70.3 in late spring and our second Ironman (Lake Tahoe) in late fall. I wish I were faster, but I’m not going to complain about it too much — I’m content with how I raced and, more importantly, the consistent training I put in. Maybe I’ll focus on speed and actually racing in the future, but for now I’m just happy participating and challenging myself.

According to my Garmin I biked 4,976.32 miles. I know for a fact I forgot my watch on at least a couple work commutes so I’m calling it a little over 5,000 miles. A lot of that was training, but a fair amount of it was biking to/from work, which I love. We also did a couple bike overnights, which make me so happy that activity probably shouldn’t be legal. The report is also showing 717.04 miles ran, which might also be a few miles short due to “watchless” runs, but I’ll go with that number as the official tally.

I was able to read 12 “non-technical” books, which I hope to increase next year. (I spend a fair amount of time reading technical books, which I don’t count in my book numbers. While I’m a bit embarrassed by the low number, I’m basically reading something all the time so I’m not too distraught. See the movie stats for more info on why this number is low.)

We watched 50 movies in 2013, which is 50% less than what we watched in 2012, which is good news. Although, that doesn’t include any TV shows we viewed (all via Netflix, of course) so it’s possible we spent more time on our asses watching TV, but probably not. We took a few month break from consuming any kind of movie/show and I’d like to do that again in 2014.

After Ironman was in the history books, I dove into researching some basic technical stuff that’s been on my list for a while. E.g., Ruby, Sinatra, Nagios, Chef, KVM, Linux LVM, Vagrant, HAProxy, LXC, and some other stuff. While none of that is anything terribly novel, it did feel good to spend time getting a better handle on some tech with which I’ve wanted to get my hands dirty.

Throughout the year I was able to do a bit of traveling. As previously mentioned, we went to Utah for the St George 70.3 in May. Then I went to Portland in July for OSCON and San Francisco in August for VMWorld. We were in Lake Tahoe for 1.5 weeks for Ironman and also took a trip to Colorado to do some “retirement research” in November.

I logged almost zero minutes learning to play the guitar, which is one of the only regrets I have for the year. I felt like I had too much on my plate to focus on it so made the decision to table it. I’m hoping to spend some more time with my guitars (out of their cases) in 2014.

I’m nearing the end of my two week vacation, which has been really nice. I had an awesome birthday with Heidi and my parents were in town for Christmas so that was really great. My dad helped me with a bunch of minor home improvements and I’ve been catching up on a lot of administravia (and sleep!). I’m feeling recharged for the new year and am hoping it will be as great as 2013.

Happy new year everyone!


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  1. Heidi on January 15th, 2014 10:21 am

    Great recap Matt! Looking forward to making 2014 another great year!