Farnam street

One of the best sites I discovered last year is Farnam Street Blog. It’s kind of hard to describe what the site is all about. Without putting too much thought into it, I would say it’s like a long-read version of kottke.org for book lovers and/or people who just want to become smarter. OK, it’s probably not that much like kottke.org, but I will say both curators (Jason Kottke and Shane Parrish) have an uncanny ability to find interesting stuff on the web and package it up in an engaging way. I would highly recommend subscribing to the weekly newsletter (I think it’s called “Brain Food”) and see if you find any of the articles interesting. Whenever I see that e-mail pop into my inbox I make a point to check it out right away. (The same thing can be said for the Quora weekly newsletter, which is really awesome, too.)


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