Hustle, part 2

The other main reason we traveled back to North Dakota last weekend was to see Heidi’s sister, Haylee, and her boyfriend, Seth, compete in the 2015 NPC Gopher State Classic bodybuilding show. (If you’re an expert in this stuff you’ll have to bear with me since I probably don’t have all of the terminology correct. It’s probably not correct to call it a “bodybuilding” show since it’s more than just bodybuilding, but that’s what I’ll call it. I know that kind of thing drives me crazy re: triathlon stuff so I should probably get more educated, but….) At any rate, Seth has been weightlifting for a long time and Haylee just started getting serious about it last year. Over the last month or so they competed in Fargo and again in Wisconsin. The Gopher Classic in Minneapolis was their third and final show of the year since they want to take a little time off and focus on training hard and building up for next year.

It’s been really cool to follow their progress over the past 6 months. Seth has been completely ripped since I first met him so it hasn’t been as dramatic watching his progress as it has Haylee’s. Not to take anything away from him or the work he’s put in — he’s been in mind-blowing form for all three shows. But I think Haylee has lost like 30 pounds over the past few months and has completely transformed her body. To say the least, they both look really amazing.

But if the story was just about looks it would be kind of boring. I’ll go out on a limb and make the claim that if you’re doing this kind of stuff, be it bodybuilding, bike racing, ultra running, triathlons, for the right reasons, the end result is just a side-effect. The icing on the cake. I know it is for me. When I work hard for months in preparation for a race, I really don’t care too much about the end result. I mean, sure I want to do my best and, like everyone, want to place as high as I can. But what drives me is the training and the journey of it all, seeing how that affects my body and mind. And I think that’s the case with Seth and Haylee, too. They’ve been so dedicated to their training, calling it “inspirational” doesn’t really come close to capturing it. To compete in their sport you need to track your food intake like some kind of crazy scientist. And not just track it, you need to make sure you stick to your nutrition plan. No desserts. No beers. No cheats. And you need to hammer your workouts, day in and day out, no matter if you’re tired from work or it’s too cold to get out of bed in the morning.

So in my mind, that’s really the most impressive thing about Haylee and Seth’s accomplishments. It’s not that they have amazing bodies. It’s that they’ve had the dedication and fortitude to overcome all the doubters and naysayers and temptations and believe in themselves enough to reach their goals. The level of hustle these two have displayed over the past few months is crazy and I know both Heidi and I have been super-inspired by both of them.

So when the competition was all said and done, Seth got second in his class (his third second place of the year!) and Haylee was tied for third place in her division. How awesome is that?

Seth and Haylee at the Gopher Classic

Seth and Haylee at the Gopher Classic

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