The other main reason we traveled back to North Dakota last weekend was to see Heidi’s sister, Haylee, and her boyfriend, Seth, compete in the 2015 NPC Gopher State Classic bodybuilding show. (If you’re an expert in this stuff you’ll have to bear with me since I probably don’t have all of the terminology correct. […]

Heidi‚Äôs brother, Hayden, is a senior art student at Valley City State University. As part of his last semester he had to put together a talk about his final art project and host an “artist open house,” where he presented his work and answered questions about it, etc. Rather than make the trip back to […]

On a scale of 1-10 I think I’d give 2013 an 8.3. So, a pretty awesome year by all accounts. Here are some random thoughts/stats about the year. This was my first official year as a vegan, which felt pretty damn good. I’ve been a vegetarian (or, more accurately, a pescatarian) since early 2001. Heidi […]

I’ve been told every good story has a pivot point. You know, that point where it can veer off in one of many different directions. I guess our story has a few of these, but in my mind there’s a big one. It’s 1999 and I’m in my apartment, staring at a blinking light and […]

I took Holly (Heidi’s sister), Toby (Holly’s husband), and Espen (their little boy) to the airport this morning around 5:00. They were here since Thursday night, but it seemed like they were here for about 20 minutes. It was the first time I had ever met little Espen. He’s totally cool and is a very […]